Publikasi Dosen Unpam di Jurnal Internasional 2018

  1. Ahmad Wibisana : The optimization of Soluble Cephalosporin C Acylase Expression in E. coli
  2. Candra Kurniawan : Significant reduction of saturation magnetization and microwave-reflection loss in barium-natural ferrite via Nd3+ substitution,
  3. Candra Kurniawan : Micromagnetic study of domain wall depinning driven by nanosecond current pulse in notched Permalloy nanowires
  4. Candra Kurniawan : Effect of Fe-Mn addition on microstructure and magnetic properties of NdFeB magnetic powders
  5. Didik Aryanto : Preparation of ferrosilicon-aluminium coating using a mechanical alloying technique: Study of thermal annealing on their structural characteristics,
  6. Didik Aryanto : High temperature cyclic oxidation resistance of 50Cr-50Al coatings mechanically alloyed on low carbon steel
  7. Ibnu Sina : Pathogenicity of Entomopathogenic Fungi Metarhizium anisopliae to Red Stripe Weevil Rhynchophorus schach Oliv.(Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on Sago Palm.
  8. Iin Rosini : Relation Between Intellectual Capitals: Case Study Some Companies In Indonesia.
  9. Kasmad : Path Analisis : Efect Of Quality Of service Quality Products and Sales Promotion Of Customer Stisfaction.
  10. Nardi Sunardi : Determinant Of Company’s Likuidity And It’s  Implications On Financial’s Performance Of Ritail Trade Company’s In Indonesia
    At The Period Of 2008 – 2017
  11. Nardi Sunardi : Eviews Analysis : Determinant Of  Leverage  And Company’s Performance
  12. Perdamean Sebayang; Djuhana : Preparation of Fe3O4/Bentonite Nanocomposite from Natural Iron Sand by Co-precipitation Method for Adsorbents Materials.
  13. Perdamean Sebayang : Fabrication and characterization of fine ceramic based on alumina, bentonite, and glass bead,
  14. Silviana Simbolon : The Effect Of Nitrogen Gas Flow Rate On Heat Treatment of AISI SS-430: Study of Microstructure And Hardness.
  15. Silviana Simbolon : The effect of temperature on synthesis of MgFe2O4 based on natural iron sand by Co-precipitation method as adsorbent Pb ion
  16. Sugianto : Earning Management, Risk Profile and Efficient Operation in the Prediction Model of Banking : Eviden from Indonesia.
  17. Umi Rusilowati : Significant Work Motivation and Work dicipline Againts Emlpoye Performance Case Study At PT. Indah  Kiat Pulp and Paper.
  18. Silviana Simbolon : The Effect of Synthesis Temperature on Physical and Magnetic Properties of Manganese Ferrite (MnFe2O4) based on Natural Iron Sand
  19. Silviana Simbolon, : Synthesized of PEG-6000 Coated MgFe2O4 Nanoparticles Based on Natural Iron Sand by Co-Precipitation method.
  20. Subarto : Model Of Employee Performance For Banking Industry
  21. Lilis Suryani : Financial Performance In Food Beverages Industries: Evidence From Indonesia
  22. Ahmad Wibisana : D-Amino Acid Oxdase Production from Cassava Clucos Syrup by Trigonopsis variabilis.
  23. Bachtiar : Aplication of Shaming Punishment for Corruptors in The Corruption Law Enforcement System in Indonesia
  24. Iin Rosini : Financial Ratio and Performance Airlines Industry with DEA and TOPSIS Model
  25. Ali Maddnsyah : The Model Of Apartemens Customer Satisfaction In Bandung.
  26. Tri Pujiati : The Semantics Of Kinship Terminologies Of Baduy, Indonesia
  28. RR Dewi Anggraeni : Legal Protection Againts Buyers due to not Performing Seller in Electronic Transaction
  29. RR Dewi Anggraeni : The importance of registration RIGHTS LICENSE AGREEMENT QR CODE Copyright Notice 

Publikasi Dosen Unpam di Jurnal Internasional 2017

  1. Achmad Hanafi Setiawan : Blending of Low-Density Polyethylene and Poly-Lactic Acid with Maleic Anhydride as A Compatibilizer for Better Environmentally Food-Packaging Material. The 4th International Conference on Advanced Materials Science and Technology IOP Publishing
  2. Bachtiar : Reconstruction Of The Political Party Court Role As The Decisive Organ On Internal Conflict Of Political Parties In Indonesia’s.
  3. Djuhana : Micro Structure and Hardness Analysis of Brass Metal Welded. International Conference on Chemistry and Material Science (IC2MS)
  4. Gilang Ardi Pratama : Safety Management on Loading Process  With Rubber  Tyred Gantry Crane: Case Study at Port of Tanjung Priok
  5. Holiawati : Application of Principal Component Analysis (PCA) to Reduce Multicollinearity Exchange Rate Currency of Some Countries in Asia Period 2004-2014.
  6. Holiawati : Relationship Bankruptcy Prediction, Company Growth and Going Concern Opinion Evidance From Indonesia
  7. Iin Rosini : Relationship (Bath) Thailand And (Idr) Indonesa Currency With Regression
  8. M. Akbar Kurtubi Amraj : The Implementation of ICT-Based Materials and Metacognition Learning Strategy to Improve Students’ Vocabulary.
  9. Muljadi : The characterization of ceramic alumina prepared by using additive glass beads. International Conference on Chemistry and Material Science (IC2MS) 2017
  10. Shinta Ningtiyas Nazar : Does Income Improves Informativeness of Stock Prices.
  11. Silviana Simbolon : Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of BaFe12-2xMgxAlxO19 for Microwave Absorbing Materials.
  12. Silviana Simbolon : Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of BaFe12-2xMgxAlxO19 for Microwave Absorbing Materials
  13. Sudarmadi : Monetary Economic Variable Relationships Indonesia and USA .
  14. Sudarmadi : Correlation of Some Indonesian Economic Variables and USA
  15. Sugiyanto : Effect Long Term Tax Avoidance On Company Value With Transparency Moderating
  16. Sugiyanto ; Conservatisme Accounting, Real Earnings Management AndInformation Asymmetry On Share Return (Case Study On Manufacturing Companies Listed Bei 2013-2015)
  17. Sugiyanto : International Application Model Short Long term Between GDP and Comsumption : Case Study Indonesia
  18. Taufik Hidayat : Descriptive Analysis between Monetary Economic Variables
  19. Zamzam Nurhuda : Ideology of Sayyid Qutb and Movement of Tarbiyah in Indonesia: A Linguistics Approach
  20. Nardi Sunardi : Determinant Of Leverage And It’s Implication On Company Value Of Real Estate And Property Sector Listing In Idx Period Of 2011-2015
  21. Achmad Hanafi Setiawan : The Influence of Poly (Lactic Acid) Addition to Thermal Properties of the Blended Polypropylene for Food Packaging Materials
  22.  Sewaka : Determinant of Customer Commitment and Its Implication Loyalty of Calibration Costumers (Empirical Study on Calibration Service of Jabodetabek Government Institution).
  23. Udin Ahidin : Model of customer loyalty : A empirical study at 3 star hotel in Lampung
  24. Pranoto : Determinant Of Profitability Banking Firms
  25. Zaenal Abidin : Determinant of Changes in Share Price Coal Mining Sector in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

Publikasi Dosen Unpam di Jurnal Internasional 2016

  1. Umi Rusilowati, Hadi Supratikta, Yoke Prima Hendrawan “The Strategy to Improve the Profession Competence  through Knowledge Management to Achieve Corporate Performance”
  2. Endi Arofa : Corporate Criminal Liability for Corruption Offences in Indonesia Criminal Justice System
  3. Gregorius H. Kristyanto : Legal Protection of Childrenin Conflict with the Law trought RestortiveJustice principle (A Review of the Prosecutor’s role)
  4. Ibnu Sina : Traditional Knowledge on Malaria of Gayo People in Central Aceh, Indonesia
  5. Harry Budiman : Analytical method validation of GC-FID for the simultaneous measurement of hydrocarbons ãC2-C4Q in their gas mixture
  6. Harry Budiman : Stimating precision and accuracy of GC-TCD method for carbon dioxide, propane and carbon monoxide determination at different flow rate of carrier gas
  7. I Gede Mahatma Yuda Bakti : Healthcare service quality model: A multi-level approach with empirical evidence from a developing country
  8. Iin Rosini : Long-term Planning by Short-term Prediction Using Global FDI
  9. Harry Budiman : Temperature Effect On Thermal Conductivity Detector In Gases (Carbon Dioxide, Propane And Carbon Monoxide) Analysis: A Gas Chromatography Experimental Study